Tactical Medicine

CSG provides the highest level of Tactical Combat Casualty Care structured around the latest concepts and principles from the Committee of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC): Care Under Fire, Tactical Field Care, Tactical Casualty Evacuation (TACEVAC).  Our program is based on a progressive learning formula that can be customized to any level of student and throughout the entire spectrum of combat medicine training options, to include TCCC+. Our courses emphasize trauma care to include recognition of traumatic injury; hemorrhage control; respiratory and chest injuries associated with modern warfare; and current counter-insurgency tactics, techniques, and procedures. For our clients, we conduct skills and exercises that reinforce the fundamentals of care under fire, tactical field care, and proper patient preparation techniques using multiple methods of equipment ahead of tactical evacuation of the casualty.


Our instructor cadre are Special Operations Combat Medics with real-world experience practicing trauma medicine on the battlefield.  Our curriculum teaches current medical protocols (MARCH) and provides students with the confidence and willingness to treat life-threatening injuries while managing the emotional impact that accompanies a traumatic event. The training concludes with a series of field scenarios in which student teams are given a variety of real-life tactical medical problems (single and multi-patients) to manage under simulated real-world operational environments. CSG integrates weapons and medical training by combining adverse shooting positions, and incorporate medical carries and other patient movement techniques while practicing counter-ambush doctrine.