Security Services

Security Consulting

CSG provides subject matter expertise that encompasses the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles. CSG can review physical, electronic and operational security measures in place and provide recommendations to mitigate threats to your organization’s facilities.


Executive Protection Threat Assessments

CSG understands that not all high net worth or high profile individuals need, or want, the same level of protection. Our team has developed a dual approach to the evaluation of threats posed to clients based on their personal lifestyle and their status within the organization. Once threat levels are identified we provide realistic, sound approaches and make recommendations that are reasonable and cost effective based on the threat level, individual’s lifestyle, and specific concerns or circumstances involved.


Security and Situational Awareness Training for Organizations

CSG believes employees should feel safe in their workplace and that management should provide the tools necessary to create a safe work environment. Training employees on security and situational awareness provides empowerment and helps to nurture the concept that security is everyone’s job.


School Police Operations

CSG conducts comprehensive reviews of school campus police department operations. These reviews address the department’s specific mission focus, its activities, organizational structure, policies, practices, roles/responsibilities, productivity, staffing levels and accountability mechanisms. The objectives of these studies are to assist the departmental management in gauging performance against best practices, gaining an understanding of the perception of performance by key stakeholders in community, identification of operational gaps, and offering of recommendations for improvement. To conduct these assessments, CSG utilizes a core team of professionals with expertise in the areas of law enforcement, management, school environments, organizational design, and police operations.

CSG training addresses the following:

  • Is There a Threat?
  • Workplace Violence
  • What is Security Awareness?
  • What is Situational Awareness?
  • Security in the Workplace
  • Verbal Judo
  • Traveling to/from Work
  • Overnight Travel
  • International Travel
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Mail and Packages

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