Pre-deployment Training

CSG develops and delivers a wide range of expeditionary and individual protective measures training (IPMT) programs that meet pre-deployment training needs in tactical and soft skills. Our clients have included defense and national intelligence, the military services, federal and state law enforcement, other government agencies and the private sector.

Programs of instruction are tailored to client requirements and incorporate fundamentals in:

  • Security Awareness
  • Personal Protective Analysis
  • Surveillance Detection for Routine Activities
  • Hard-Surface Driving
  • Off-Road Driving (SUVs)
  • Checkpoints and Roadblocks
  • M11 Familiarization and Qualification
  • IED Familiarization
  • Basic Rifle Familiarization and Qualification
  • Dual Platform Training
  • Actions on Contact
  • Cumulative Field Training Exercise (FTX)