Executive Protection Training

Executive Protection Training for Law Enforcement

VIP and witness protection is an extremely specialized area that requires law enforcement professionals who are a cut above the ordinary. Today’s protective services professional operates in an environment that is constantly evolving through technological, economic and cultural changes.


CSG consists of a network of individuals with the experience and knowledge necessary to train today’s law enforcement professionals to meet these security challenges and to provide effective, sustainable and efficient VIP and witness protection when necessary. Our instructors are certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and are either active duty, former, or retired state law enforcement officers. CSG also utilizes former military Special Operations Command (Navy SEALS, Army Special Forces) adjunct personnel. All instructors performed on or led dignitary protection teams, at times in hostile environments, and most have provided dignitary protection instruction to other law enforcement personnel. We offer 3, 5 and 10-Day training iterations with escalating physical and tactical skills requirements for each.

Topics in the course include, but are not limited to:

  • The Executive Protection Mindset
  • Executive Protection Threat Assessments
  • Assassinations and Methods of Attack
  • Terrorist Operations
  • Concentric Rings of Security
  • Command Post Operations
  • Communications and Tracking
  • Counter Surveillance Techniques
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Security Advances
  • Close Protection Formations and Tactics
  • Motorcade Operations
  • Live Fire Evacuation Exercises
  • Force on Force Scenarios
  • Scenarios with Role Players